Norway Opens Up To Live Poker Tournaments

Norway’s parliament has recently introduced a new bill that might allow live poker events to be held in the country again. This means that even though organised poker games had been banned in Norway until now, live poker championships will be allowed to be held in the country from this year onwards.

What did this ban mean until now?

poker tournamentsNorway has very strict rules about gambling. There are only two companies that offer limited gambling games and those two are owned and controlled by the government. There is also an age restriction as the lower limit is 18 years for anyone who wants to play gambling games in Norway.

Few years ago, the Norway government through a legislative law made it impossible for anyone to play even online casino games. As per this law no Norway citizen could use their debit or credit cards anywhere in the world to play casino games – not even at online casinos. The Norway banks were instructed to refuse any debit or credit card use in casinos.

So is now Poker a free pass for all?

Not really – at least not in Norway. The government may have lifted the ban on poker events but the new law comes with many conditions. The new law will be heavily regulated by the government as well as the gambling regulator agency in Norway. For now, live poker tournaments or events cannot have more than 10 players. There is also a cap on the buy-in amount.

The new law is also working to form regulations for the online casino games that can be operated in Norway. This law also lifts ban on poker games organised at home, which until now were banned in Norway. It is the hope of the government that if all goes well, then Norway can host a poker championship next year.

The gambling regulation authorities do not seem too pleased by the government’s decision to lift the ban on poker even though government has made no such statement that it is removing all gambling restrictions in Norway.