What is a tight, aggressive play?

Tight aggressive poker is a term often bandied about when talking strategy and to be a good, or even passable poker player, it is useful not only to understand what it means but to put it into practice as well. A tight poker player is a smart poker player and a careful poker player. The term tight simply describes a player who does not play every hand, but carefully selects the ones they do play. This kind of player waits for profitable situations to take advantage of.

And this is where the aggressive bit comes into play. Once the profitable situation has been identified, the tight aggressive player goes at the pot with single minded determination. They’ll bet and raise, and rarely check or call. This works in their favour because firstly by playing a strong starting hand they are more likely to win and secondly aggressively raising increases the amount they are likely to win. And by being careful about which hands to play, the player is limiting the wastage.

Playing against a tight aggressive poker player is extremely challenging. The best advice is to only engage with them when you have a good hand, but at the same time don’t let their aggressive betting and raising unnerve you.